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What makes a good SEO strategy?

Are you looking for a good SEO strategy? Here are some things you should know. SEO is more than just finding the right keywords. Here are some of the other things you need to know.

Social Media Marketing

After SEO, comes Social Media Marketing. You need to use social platforms to promote your products or services for this type of marketing. At present, Social Media Marketing has the power to attract potential clients, new employees, and other stakeholders at large.

Content Marketing

Without saying, this type of marketing is solely based on the products and services that you offer. You get a targeted audience that is interested in such products based on their likes and dislikes. These services don’t explicitly promote your brand but the products and services consequently promoting your brand.

Paid Marketing

With this type of marketing, you reserve a spot for your business on a popular platform where the customers are sure to see your listing. You must have heard of Pay Per Click Marketing, it is included in the paid marketing services. You get to advertise your products and services in the sponsored section of a partnered site.

Conversion Optimized Website

With Conversion Optimization or Conversion Rate Optimization, you can bring heavy traffic to your website who are converted to buyers.

Email Marketing

With Email Marketing Campaigns, you can surely endorse your company at a large scale. The marketing firm sends commercial messages to groups of people using emailing platforms.

Sales Funnel

Your SEO company can filter customers for your service or product using 4 basic steps;

They create Awareness in large communities who can be potential buyers.

They generate Interest among the remaining customers to avail your services. This step is two-sided in which the customer asks questions and enquires about the product and services.

In this step, the customer is on the path of deciding based on the different offers and research

This is the final step in which the customer decides to purchase your product or service.


Retargeting refers to directing the customer or potential customer back to their carts. You can the targeted customers based on their internet actions to complete their incomplete orders. Also known as remarketing, this type of marketing helps you to bring back the customers that previously bounced off due to some reason. In a sense retargeting nurtures potential client and helps them decide.

A/B Testing

Convert different prospect personas into potential buyers using two different website instances. Website A and Website B are both targeted to divided audiences, and the one with higher turnout wins. In this type of marketing, you have separate websites to visitors, and the website with higher conversion rate wins.

Brand Value

Creating a Value for your brand name is key to successful marketing For example, take two brands Apple and Nokia, you are distinctly leaning towards one, aren’t you?