Role of Insurance

Business is a high-risk activity. No matter how big or small a business is, lack of adequate insurance is a risk that no business can afford. He is a good corporate owner, who chooses insurance in the emerging stages of business as part of risk management (forsikringsselskap norge) . For an initial business, insurance is required regardless of the amount of capital invested. A start-up company must secure its future by ensuring all the important aspects of the business. It provides security and the ability to overcome obstacles that can affect business operations.

There are several insurance policies that are very useful for beginners. Some of them are listed below:

Health insurance
Health insurance for businesses is important. Health insurance covers the health of all company employees as well as the business owner. It usually provides regular medical examinations and various medical and medical benefits (Bilforsikring) . In the case of a start-up, the availability of health insurance for employees reduces the number of absenteeism and increases work productivity, which is very important in the early stages of business development. This also helps create a sense of belonging to the company, and they feel safe, forcing employees to follow the company.

Workers’ compensation insurance
Employee compensation is used in cases where company employees are injured or die in the company or work for the company in a different location. In these cases, the company is liable for damages and must pay medical expenses, rehabilitation costs or wage losses.

Errors and omissions
This insurance covers costs incurred for misuse, errors, and negligence of the company in the care of customers (Skadeforsikring) . As the start-up company is likely to make mistakes, this type of insurance will be very helpful to cover costs. Professionals such as doctors, architects, lawyers, accountants, external managers, quality control personnel, real estate agents, brokers, etc. It is advisable to do this insurance because you are more subject to errors.